MMLA Member Spotlight: Dan Sugg,CMB

Company: Michigan First Credit Union

Occupation/Position: Chief Mortgage Lending Officer

Family: Married to Donna 28 years this year, 3 successful young adult (kids)

Hobbies: Golf, travel, fishing and it is a great weekend when I can do all 3!

Pets: Kodi, a 20 pound anxiety ridden cock-a-poo that runs the show!

Years in the business: 22 years

Years as an MMLA member: from the beginning of my career.

Why are you involved with the MMLA...what does it mean to you? I originally joined to learn more about the mortgage industry, something other than just the sales process. It has provided me with the path and network to understand the entire mortgage world. The resources that I have been afforded with my membership and involvement are way more than money can buy. I can state without any hesitation that my involvement with the MMLA and the interaction with the good people that belong that I have meet in the MMLA over the years have brought me to levels of success in my career that never would have been possible just slinging loans. Professionally the 2 best choices I have made is joining the MMLA and getting my CMB!

Why you think others should become an MMLA member? For all the reasons stated above and simply put if you only join for the access to the network of experienced industry professionals it will repay you many times over.

It is inexpensive and easy to join the MMLA, but if you don’t become involved in the association you are just letting other people control your future!

2017 Platinum Corporate Partners