MMLA Member Spotlight: Rob Jacobs, CMB

Company: MB financial Bank

Occupation/Position: VP Branch Manager

Family: Wife Pam, 2 Daughters Gabi and Lexi and Dog Riley

Hobbies: Love to golf and go to our cottage

Pets: Dog Riley

Years in the business 23 years

Years as an MMLA member: Affiliated for most of them

Why are you involved with the MMLA...what does it mean to you? As a MMLA team member it is invaluable to be able to stay up on Local and National Mortgage issues. I make it my job to be well informed for my Team and especially my clients…..MMLA helps me to achieve my job.

Why you think others should become an MMLA member? For the same reasons I am a member. The education and industry knowledge is what you need to be successful in this ever-changing mortgage environment. It is also a great place to meet industry professionals that will help you succeed through best practices and business friendships.

What is a fun or interesting fact about yourself?? I was in the Construction Battalion in the Navy – “SeaBees” during Operation Desert Storm.  I also bungee jumped off highest suspension bridge in Queenstown New Zealand.

2017 Platinum Corporate Partners