Meet Todd Potter, CMB -  2019 MMLA State Board President

MMLA Member Spotlight:  Todd Potter, CMB

Company:        Level One Bank

Occupation/Position:   VP-Mortgage Banking

Family:            Wife (Holly) – Two sons (Garrett-18 & Evan-16)

Hobbies:          Spending time with family, working/playing outside and cooking barbecue

Pets:    West Highland Terrier (Duffy)

Years in the business:  25

Years as an MMLA member: About 9 years

Why are you involved with the MMLA...what does it mean to you?  As with any industry, getting involved does more than grow one professionally.  What people need to understand is that a collaborative effort of many is what stabilized and strengthens the industry that provides for your family.  Being a part of that collaborative effort sets the expectation for others to follow.

Why you think others should become an MMLA member?  Being an MMLA member is more than just social interaction.  The education, advocacy and leadership that the MMLA provides its members goes above and beyond many other state mortgage associations.  What’s important to understand is that the MMLA represents the entire mortgage industry for the State of Michigan, regardless if you or your company is a member. So, for those who have made the mortgage industry a career, don’t just be a member, get involved in the communities that you live and work to make a positive impact in housing finance.  The three chapters of the MMLA have several committees that need your help, so reward your community and reward yourself.

What is a fun or interesting fact about yourself?? I am 25% Scottish, 25% Irish and 50% Hillbilly

Any other comments or tidbits you would like to add about yourself or your involvement with the association?  By our estimates, there are over 20,000 mortgage banking professionals in Michigan who are not members of the MMLA.  Reward yourself and let 2018 be the year that you become a part of the MMLA.  We have an exciting year planned for everyone. 



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